Bill Belichick: We need more time together


The Patriots got back on the field Sunday against the Broncos and they looked a lot like a team that has barely practiced since losing to the Chiefs on Monday night in Week Four.

New England turned the ball over three times and was down 18-3 to Denver heading into the fourth quarter. A pair of Drew Lock interceptions gave them a chance to win the game in the final minutes, but Cam Newton threw an incompletion on fourth down and the Broncos hung on for an 18-12 win in Foxborough.

The Patriots weren’t impressive anywhere outside of a third down defense that forced six field goal attempts and head coach Bill Belichick said after the game that they “didn’t do anything well enough today to win.” He also referenced their two practices over the last two weeks as something that needs to change for their results to change.

“We need more time together. We need to practice together. . . . We certainly need it,” Belichick said at his press conference

As long as they stop having positive COVID-19 tests, there should be more time on the practice field this week.