Woman headbutts Co-op shopper ‘who refused to wear a mask’ in vicious attack


This is the shocking moment a woman headbutted a fellow shopper for apparently refusing to wear a mask.

The attacker then drags her victim to the floor inside a Co-op in Whitechapel, London.

As passersby shout “wear your mask” the violence escalates and members of staff watch on in horror.

Others try and break the pair up as the woman is punched and kicked on the floor.

Ironically, in the kerfuffle the attacker who took exception to the other woman not wearing a mask enters the store with her own pulled down under her chin.

Police were called to the store, based at a petrol station in The HIghway just before 11pm on Friday but no arrests were made.

All parties left the scene when the man filming the fight informed them officers were on their way.

They had appeared to restart the altercation outside the shop after the attacker had bought cigarette papers inside.

During the violence a security guard can be seen lurking on the periphery, with the man filming, who is a Nigerian podcaster called Badguy toba, questioning his lack of involvement.

“Security what the f* did you do? You were holding the door. You didn’t do s*,” he says.

He had previously made an attempt to stop the brawl, saying “you’ve done enough”, before apparently complementing the attacker on her ability to fight.

She continues to threaten the victim, at one point telling her she’ll “break her f throat.

A Co-op spokesperson said: “We condemn any violence in stores,’ adding that masks are ‘compulsory for all non-exempt customers and colleagues.”