Lamar Jackson records eighth double-triple, tied with Michael Vick for most ever


Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is now tied for first place in NFL history in the statistical category known as the double-triple.

A double-triple, as you’ve previously read at PFT, comes when a player has triple-digit yards in two different statistical categories. A player can record a double-triple by having 100 or more yards both passing and rushing, or rushing and receiving, or returning both punts and kickoffs, or any other way that yardage is counted.

In today’s win over the Eagles, Jackson passed for 186 yards and ran for 108 yards. That qualifies as his eighth double-triple, with seven coming in the regular season and one in last year’s postseason.

The only other player in NFL history with eight double-triples was Michael Vick, who topped 100 yards rushing and 100 yards passing six times with the Falcons and twice with the Eagles.

Jackson is only 23 years old, so he likely has many more 100-yard rushing, 100-yard passing games ahead of him. He’ll re-write the record book on the double-triple.